Dr. Thomas Miller

  1. Welcome to FetView

    This is a demo version and some of the functions may work differently than in the full version.

  2. Home page

    This is your home page. You will find all important links here.

    Home page can be accessed anytime by clicking your e-mail address at the top of the page.

  3. My patients

    The patient list can be found here. It will probably be one of your first steps.

    The patient list can be accessed anytime by clicking "My patients" on the left side of the page.

  4. My favorite ultrasound images

    During an examination you can save the images you like into your folder for later.

  5. My presentation

    Fetview offers a public presentation of your practice. Here you can see how your practice page appears to the public.

  6. Customize FetView

    It is possible to highly modify and configure FetView.

    Here you can configure how the structure of the data saved in the patients' profile, the structure of the data from the examination, the appearance of the final PDF report, etc. will look like.

    At this moment, you do not need to worry about the settings. When you familiarize yourself with the system, you can adjust the system according to your wishes.

  7. Starting

    Start by opening the patient list.


Upgrade your browser

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